Webinar postponed

Due to recent developments impacting college admissions testing, we have decided to postpone the webinar until next week, the week of July 19th - 25th.  The new date will be announced soon.


July 13, 2020:

"Governor Newsom updated California’s COVID safety response with a return to closing certain sectors of the state, the second largest school district (Los Angeles) in the country committed to keep students at home and launch the school year only online, and the ACT cancelled numerous July 18 test sites across the nation to name just a few of today’s unfolding stories that impact the coming admissions season.  


"We are eager to cover these and other important topics for families.  In order to deliver the most insightful up-to-date data and analysis for the Class of 2021, we have received a lot of interest to hold our webinar next week instead of tomorrow.  We apologize for the late change, but promise a more robust webinar next week.  We will email again in the next few days with the new day and time."

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