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Academic Support & Enrichment Courses
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Skill Building

To further support students' efforts to improve how they represent their best selves to admissions officers, we offer these targeted programs to increase their options for college.




Young Women with Backpacks

College Essay Seminar

How will a student's passions, values, and formative experiences contribute to her future college classmates and community?


What challenges has the student overcome, and how will he use those victories in his college experience?


While academics are a critical piece of the admissions puzzle, grades don't reveal who a student is. That's where the college essay, or personal statement comes in.

A key element of the college application that digs deeper than academics, a college essay explores the person beyond the prospective student.  An insightful and revealing college essay gives an admissions officer a clearer sense of who a student really is - and may be the deciding factor in a college acceptance letter.

In this course, students will learn how to most effectively craft their statement for admissions officers.  Receiving instructor feedback throughout, seniors will complete the class with a standout piece of writing that showcases the value, passion, and potential they will bring to any college.

Students will...

  • Deconstruct the 2020-2021 common essay prompts

  • Explore standout essays chosen by admissions officers

  • Breakdown the 5 necessary elements of an essay topic

  • Craft a polished essay based on individual instructor feedback

Collge Essay Seminar
Math Enrichment

High School Math Enrichment

When math teachers think of summer, we may often think of the summer slide.  The ten weeks of summer mean not only ten weeks without math but also another four to five weeks at the beginning of next school year just to get back on track.  Our summer math courses don't just stop the summer slide, they propel students ahead, creating a foundation to start the coming school year strong.


This past semester, so many of our students missed out on crucial math skills due to COVID.  We offer math courses specifically tailored to fill those learning gaps.

Questions?  We'd love to talk!

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