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Complimentary Bridge Lessons

Since we believe in the value of peaking for an SAT or ACT, we want to ensure that our students remain sharp for a future test date if their originally targeted one is cancelled.  Tried & True is offering all of our boot camp, comprehensive, small group, and one-on-one students complementary class lessons and proctored practice tests before upcoming official test administrations.

Computer Class

If you are partially through one of our classroom programs:

  • You can seamlessly switch to another of our classes targeting another test date at no cost.  Even want to repeat a session or two?  No problem.  We’ll make it happen.


If you have successfully completed your program, are unable to take your targeted test, but want a tune-up before a new test date:

  • You can join us for a “bridge session” to review key content and strategies, and make sure you are back up to speed on your testing plan.

Call us to discuss how to take advantage of these complimentary offers.  We’ll be posting dates for the bridge lessons shortly.  If there is more that we can do, or questions we can answer, please let us know.  We’re eager to offer options that would best serve you.

Questions?  We'd love to talk!

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