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SAT & ACT Classroom Programs

Raising Scores

Impacting students and their SAT and ACT scores is our priority.  We are committed to having the most engaging and expert instructors delivering the most effective SAT and ACT on-campus and online classes. 

Please choose the SAT or ACT course below that best meets your students’ score increase goals.




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SAT & ACT Boot Camps

Quickly boost SAT and ACT scores with this high-energy 8-hour course completed in just four sessions.  This course can serve either as an introductory preparation step early in students’ testing journeys or as the solution for those students who simply do not have the time to commit to a more time-consuming program.


Our expert instructors use engaging teaching methods to deliver proven strategies and powerful insights.  We will teach the most frequently tested content areas and question types and have the students create their own personal timing and guessing strategies.  Students leave with the confidence that they can do well.


This program includes a practice test that can be completed on a date and time of your choosing.

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SAT & ACT Comprehensives

Tailored to students’ score levels, our 24-hour rigorous classes delve deeply into the most frequently tested areas of the SAT or ACT.  Students will receive an expanded academic content review and hone their skills using individualized test-day strategies.  With interactive lessons and targeted homework, students are peaked for the upcoming test dates.


Our highly-trained instructors continually adapt to student needs as they assign personalized in-class assignments and homework based on a student’s individual scores.  From academic skills to particular strategies unique to the SAT, our course covers a fair amount of material in a relatively short amount of time.  


The program includes at least three practice exams in order to best track progress and develop the endurance needed to complete these long exams.  The first test is completed on a date and time of your choosing, ideally prior to the program’s start.  The second and third practice tests are more structured and will be proctored by us to better prepare students for the actual test experience.  For students who want even more practice, we will give them access to 5 additional tests that they can take on their own.


This course is designed to maximize score-increase potential for the greatest value.

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Which Exam Is Right for You?

One of the most frequently posed questions we receive is “Should I take the SAT or ACT?” That is a pertinent question not easily answered with a brief conversation about the student’s grades and academic likes and dislikes.  The best way to answer that critical question is to have students experience taking both the SAT and ACT.  But students don’t need to sit for an official administration. 

Take advantage of our complimentary SAT and ACT practice tests.

Our detailed diagnostic reports will then highlight students’ individual strengths and knowledge gaps as well as importantly inform the students as to which test will best represent them to colleges.

Please call us if you have any questions or for a consultation with one of our directors to review test results.

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