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Guidance, Preparation,
& Professional Support

for Homeschool Families

The Modern Testing Landscape

for Homeschooled Students

The world of college admissions has changed dramatically over the last two years.  High-stakes exams like the SAT and ACT have become optional at many colleges.  This has led many families to ask. . .

  • Should we take one of the college entrance exams?

  • Should we prepare for these tests?

  • Should we submit our scores to colleges?


The questions can be especially pertinent for homeschoolers.  Colleges may struggle to quantify the level of rigor represented by a given student’s transcript, and these exams can provide a standardized metric with which to evaluate that student.


Should you take the SAT or ACT?

Our answer is yes.  We believe that every student owes it to him or herself to give their best effort on at least one exam.  In the current admissions landscape, a good score can still be extremely valuable on a college application.


Should you prepare for the SAT or ACT?

For many homeschooled students, our answer is yes.  Thoughtful preparation for these exams can, without a doubt, significantly increase your score.  If you are planning on applying to a range of more competitive colleges or colleges that require homeschooled students to submit scores, a strong score may make a profound difference.


Should you submit scores
to colleges that don’t require them of homeschooled students?

Perhaps.  This question is more nuanced and depends on a number of factors.  Professional guidance from a trained counselor or one of Tried & True Tutoring’s expert Directors can help you to answer this question.

Guidance, Preparation, & Professional Support

for Homeschooled Students

The realization that the SAT or ACT may be beneficial for your student brings with it a host of new questions. . .

  • Which test should we take, SAT or ACT?

  • When should we take the test?

  • How much time should we be devoting to preparation?

  • What should we be doing to prepare?


As a family that homeschools, you may be used to making informed educational decisions on your own, but support from the team here at Tried & True can help you make these decisions more quickly and avoid mistakes.  That’s why we offer homeschool families our. . .

Complete Support Package

Practice SAT & ACT Exam

Begin your journey by taking Practice SAT and ACT exams through our online testing portal.  Or, if you have already taken SATs, ACTs, or PSATs, send them to us.


Expert Consultation

You will be assigned one of our expert Directors.  On average, our Directors have over 6 years experience counseling families, and guiding students to significant score increases.  During your initial consultation, your Director will help you decide which exam is the best fit and help you plan out your testing timeline.  Lastly, your director will schedule you to begin your preparation at one of our upcoming Boot Camps.


SAT or ACT Boot Camp

Your preparation begins in this live, online, 8-hour class.  These classes are taught by high-energy instructors, trained to be exceptionally engaging online.  Believe it or not, many students come out of this class telling us just how much fun it was.  But, more importantly, after completing this class, you will be able to quickly improve your score by successfully applying general strategy to each section of the exam.  You will also leave with a personalized lesson plan, based on your unique strengths and weaknesses on the exam.


Personalized Lesson Plan

This next phase of preparation is perfect for the homeschooled student who is accustomed to making the most of his or her independent study.  Using your personalized lesson plan from the Boot Camp along with provided materials and additional practice exams, you will spend several weeks focusing on improving your testing weaknesses and enhancing your testing strengths, starting with the most high-value topics.


Review Session

Prior to your first official SAT or ACT, and after several weeks of independent practice, you will meet with one of our instructors, one-on-one.  In this session you will review recent practice exams, to identify opportunities for strategic score improvement that may still remain; you will be able to get any lingering questions answered; and you will solidify your “game day” plan for your upcoming exam.



  • Full-length, Practice SAT Exam & Detailed Proscriptive Score Report

  • Full-length, Practice ACT Exam & Detailed Proscriptive Score Report

  • 30-minute Consultation with Tried & True Tutoring Director

  • 8-Hour SAT or ACT Testing Strategies Boot Camp

  • 60-minute one-on-one tutoring session

  • Detailed Independent Study Plan

  • Hard copy of Tried & True Tutoring’s SAT or ACT Study Guide Simplified

  • Hard copy of the Collegeboard’s Official SAT Study Guide or Additional ACT Practice Materials Binder

  • Up to 10 additional Practice SAT or ACT Exams & Detailed Score Reports

Cost: $429

Comprehensive Tutoring Services

This package was designed expressly for families looking for additional support but also wanting to study independently.  Tried & True Tutoring also offers full-service tutoring packages, where our expert Directors and engaging Tutors handle everything from start to finish.


If you would like to get started with our Complete Support Package, but are considering more comprehensive tutoring, during your consultation your Director can answer all your questions about our tutoring packages.


If you think that a more comprehensive approach to tutoring is the right fit for you and want to learn more now, CLICK HERE to contact us.

Questions?  We'd love to talk!

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