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SAT & ACT Prep Services

As a local provider, we are fast moving when it comes to changes on the SAT & ACT. Based on the most recent exams, our instructors are immediately trained with the most up-to-date techniques. 

SAT & ACT Preparation Services

  • 1-on-1 In-Home & Online SAT & ACT Preparation - Efficient & Most Effective

  • On-Campus & Online SAT & ACT Comprehensives & Boot Camps - Engaging & Affordable

  • Practice SAT/ACT Testing & Score-Back/Informational Night Presentations

On Campus Prep

In-Home & Online Private Tutoring

  • Personalized, expert instruction

  • In-home & online convenience

  • Strongest score improvement

Your experience begins with a practice SAT & ACT diagnostic exam, followed by a detailed score report that highlights your child’s strengths and skill gaps.


We then offer a complimentary consultation to evaluate which test may best represent your child and create a plan to achieve your family’s score goals.


Your child is then thoughtfully matched with a professional tutor who is mission driven to raise scores.


We will partner with you to ensure your child realizes his or her score increase potential!

Practice Testing

With some companies, the informational night speaker will be a sales rep with limited knowledge and experience, and the entire event can feel like a commericial. Not with us. Our score-back presenters are Tried & True executives so you know that you are getting the most up-to-date and accurate information from SAT & ACT professionals.


For the mock testing, our fundraising Mock SAT & ACT exams have the quickest score-back turn around time. Students can have their scores in their hands within 3-5 business days.

On-Campus, Proctored Tests
Online Diagnostic Exams

Is the SAT or ACT right for your student? To find out, contact us to get a user name and password, so you can take our free online SAT & ACT diagnostic exams, compare your scores, and choose the test that is right for your student. Your score report will be given to you immediately upon completion of exam (although the essay score will be returned separately within 24-48 hours).

Once you complete your exam, we'll set up a free consultation with you to discuss your score report in detail. What does your score mean? Where are your strengths and weaknesses? This is step one in your SAT or ACT exam success.

Local, Live, In-Person Classes

Boot Camps

Need quick SAT or ACT prep? This engaging SAT & ACT crash course designed with student accessibility in mind. Boost your scores efficiently and make some friends along the way.


Want something more robust? A full-length, comprehensive course, covering everything you need to get a great score on test day. Designed with achievement in mind, these classes are not only lengthly and rigorous, but also engaging and fun.

In-Home Prep
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