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"I appreciate Tried & True Tutoring's no pressure style. They allowed me to make a decision that is best for our students, and our students love T & T's classes."

-Kathy H.
Counselor, AHS

Since 2011, Tried & True has been partnering with schools, districts, and community organizations to impact students’ college admissions success.  In-person or online, we offer valuable family presentations and student orientations regarding admissions testing, practice SAT and ACT test events, and of course a variety of instructional options for classroom and one-on-one tutoring to raise SAT and ACT scores. And since getting into college is not just about standardized tests, families rely on us for the academic assistance needed to do well in school, especially with the transition to distance learning.   

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Webinars & Presentations

Tried & True’s College Night presentation is our most popular presentation for families looking to learn how best to navigate standardized testing for the college admissions process. Delivered on-campus or as a webinar, this informative hour covers these important topics:

  • Test Optional, Test Blind, and the Modern Testing Landscape

  • How test scores are weighted in the admissions process

  • Differences between the PSAT, SAT, and ACT

  • Testing Timelines

  • Superscoring

  • Score Choice

  • SAT/ACT Based Scholarships

  • Testing Timelines

Student Orientations

Let’s be honest: most students aren’t looking forward to the standardized testing required for colleges.  That’s why Tried & True created this presentation designed to introduce students to the structure and content of the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.  Our goal is to provide them comfort as to what to expect on test day.  We will review the most frequently tested content areas and question types while discussing the importance of their own personal timing and guessing strategies.  Students leave this presentation feeling like they received an edge on these important tests.

Practice Exams

Practice SAT and ACT tests have multiple benefits.  They identify which test would best represent a student to colleges, help test-takers understand the endurance necessary to complete the exams, can lead to detailed diagnostic reports highlighting students’ strengths and knowledge gaps, and much, much more.

Boot Camps

Quickly boost scores with this high-energy 8-hour course.  Our expert instructors use engaging teaching methods to deliver proven strategies and powerful insights.  We will teach the most frequently tested content areas and question types and have the students create their own personal timing and guessing strategies.  Students leave with the confidence that they can do well.

Teacher with Students

Tailored to your students, this more rigorous 24-hour class will delve deeper into the most frequently tested areas of the SAT and ACT.  Students will receive an expanded academic content review and hone their skills using individualized test-day strategies.  With interactive lessons and targeted homework students are peaked for the upcoming test dates.

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One-on-One SAT & ACT Tutoring

Our thoughtfully designed personalized programs conveniently bring our expert tutors right to students’ homes.  Whether a student needs extended support or just a little fine-tuning, Tried & True’s one-on-one instruction can work around even the busiest of calendars.  Focused and flexible, this custom approach ensures students realize their score increase potential.

Academic Support

We support students with customized academic instruction to ensure a successful semester. Our one-on-one, small group, and classroom programs are designed to complement students’ classroom work and offer the confidence and guidance many families seek.

Professional Attending a Seminar
Professional Development

 Over the years, schools have requested that we share our knowledge of the PSAT, SAT, and ACT with their faculty.  We can lead an engaging conversation tailored to the unique needs of your faculty on anything from an introduction to the tests’ content areas to a more in-depth dialogue how test preparation can be in alignment with their curriculum.  We can even loop in class test scores if we do a complete grade-wide practice exam for the most robust conversations.

Webinars & Presentations
Practie Exams
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Boot Camps
One-on-One Tutoring

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