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SAT & ACT Preparation
Our Approach

Raising Scores

All students are unique.  Some learn best in groups.  Some learn best one-on-one.  At Tried & True, we have developed the most effective customized in-person and online classroom and one-on-one programs to help students achieve their SAT and ACT score goals.

Boot Camps

Quickly boost SAT and ACT scores with this high-energy 8-hour course.


This course is an ideal boost for an upcoming exam or a great foundation to kickstart a longer preparation timeline.


Our expert instructors use engaging teaching methods to deliver proven strategies and powerful insights.  Students leave with the confidence that they can do well.

One-on-One Tutoring

Tried & True’s individualized one-on-one tutoring program is the most positive and powerful way to help students strengthen the academic and test-taking skills necessary to impact scores.

Your student will be thoughtfully matched with a specialist tutor, providing a personalized experience to maximize your student's score.

The Modern Testing Landscape

The world of college admissions has changed dramatically over the last two years.  High-stakes exams like the SAT and ACT have become optional at many colleges.  This has led many families to ask. . .

  • Should we take one of the college entrance exams?

  • Should we prepare for these tests?

  • Should we submit our scores to colleges?


The questions can be especially pertinent for homeschoolers.  Colleges may struggle to quantify the level of rigor represented by a given student’s transcript, and these exams can provide a standardized metric with which to evaluate that student.


Should you take the SAT or ACT?

Our answer is yes.  We believe that every student owes it to him or herself to give their best effort on at least one exam.  In the current admissions landscape, a good score can still be extremely valuable on a college application.


Should you prepare for the SAT or ACT?

For many homeschooled students, our answer is yes.  Thoughtful preparation for these exams can, without a doubt, significantly increase your score.  If you are planning on applying to a range of more competitive colleges or colleges that require homeschooled students to submit scores, a strong score may make a profound difference.


Should you submit scores
to colleges that don’t require them of homeschooled students?

Perhaps.  This question is more nuanced and depends on a number of factors.  Professional guidance from a trained counselor or one of Tried & True Tutoring’s expert Directors can help you to answer this question.

Guidance, Preparation, & Professional Support

The realization that the SAT or ACT may be beneficial for your student brings with it a host of new questions. . .

  • Which test should we take, SAT or ACT?

  • When should we take the test?

  • How much time should we be devoting to preparation?

  • What should we be doing to prepare?


Support from the team here at Tried & True can help you make these decisions more quickly and avoid mistakes.  Get guidance from one of our expert Directors.

Which Exam Is Right for You?

One of the most frequently posed questions we receive is “Should I take the SAT or ACT?” That is a pertinent question not easily answered with a brief conversation about the student’s grades and academic likes and dislikes.  The best way to answer that critical question is to have students experience taking both the SAT and ACT.  But students don’t need to sit for an official administration. 

Take advantage of our complimentary SAT and ACT practice tests.

Our detailed diagnostic reports will then highlight students’ individual strengths and knowledge gaps and help you determine which exam will best represent your student to colleges.

Questions?  We'd love to talk!

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