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Do you need to improve your SAT or ACT score to get into the college of your dreams? Our engaging classrooms and/or expert in-home 1-on-1 SAT & ACT tutoring may be the solutions for you. Our score-boost guarantee programs ensure that you get the score increase you're expecting on test day.


High School Counselors


Counselors and Schools love to work with us, because as your local provider, we can deliver a higher quality boot camp and comprehensive class for your campus at a lower price. We can return Mock-Tests scores more quickly, and our presenters at score-back events are higher level executives instead of sales reps.

Quality, experience, committment to excellence, and low prices.  Our data tracking and delivery system show signifcant score improvements for your students. With a more engaging classroom environment, your students will love their SAT & ACT prep classes, and they'll have you to thank for making the right partnership decision.

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"I appreciate Tried & True Tutoring's no pressure style. They allowed me to make a decision that is best for our students, and our students love T & T's classes.

-Kathy H.
Counselor, AHS

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